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Pipe ancient, reducer ancient, multi-specification optional 10 / group


Pipe fittings are made of steel, which is not actually steel, but malleable cast iron, which can be cut and processed, and has high mechanical properties, good plasticity and toughness, so it is widely used. The production process of steel pipe fittings is very simple, first cast into white cast iron parts, and then by malleable annealing treatment can be, where the annealing process technology is an important production process.

All Kanef pipe fittings are placed in boxes and annealed in the kiln. After annealing, we have someone to do destructive inspection on the mechanical properties of the fittings and another person to do flattening test on the fittings with a hydraulic universal tester to check whether the toughness of the fittings meet the standard requirements. Machine package processing and packaging into storage. In the process of machine processing, we have special personnel to do precise inspection on the angle and thread size of the pipe, and special personnel to unpack and sample check the pipe after it is put into storage.

Founded in 1997, carnaff is an industrial foundry enterprise with the mission of producing and supplying high-quality and cost-effective pipe fittings. Provide products, services and solutions for water supply and drainage system, fire protection system, natural gas system, air conditioning and heating system, mechanical equipment and other systems. It is a pipe fitting manufacturer ranking top in the industry at present.


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